A moment to think

It's time to take stock and reconsider. King & Man has been acting a digital valet for the modern gentleman, for some years now and in that time the popularity (and perhaps relevance) of traditional blogs has changed. This seems a good time to pause, consider how King & Man can continue to serve modern men... Continue Reading →


Lane boots by @helmboots

A pair of good boots is good investment for a modern gentlemen. At a little over $500 per pair, these Lane boots by Helm certainly worth some careful consideration. Available online from Helm Boots

David Coggins on evolving style.

Over time it evolves, just as you do. Men's clothing isn't that complicated. What worked for the last eighty years, with few variations, still works. A well-tailored coat will serve you well most places you go, particularly if you've been subpoenaed.

Everlasting style items 5: The desert boot

For our final edition in King & Man's series of Everlasting Style Items we turn to a timeline piece of mens' footwear. The iconic silhouette of the desert boot gives it a versatility beyond most other mens' footwear. It’s a multifunctional, lightweight and streamlined shoe that can be worn with all kinds of outfits. Don't you mean chukka boots? No.... Continue Reading →

Everlasting style items 4: The harrington jacket

Harrington jackets are lightweight waist-length jackets usually made from cotton or wool in a single colour. The waist and cuffs are elasticised making it ideal outdoor wear for spring and autumn. The collar is straight, often fastened with two buttons. The inner lining is usually finished with distinct red tartan. The first Harrington style jackets were... Continue Reading →

Everlasting style items 3: The polo shirt

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, tennis players wore long-sleeved white button-up shirts (often worn with the sleeves rolled up) and ties. The standard attire were found to be too cumbersome and uncomfortable for seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion René Lacoste. He designed a white, short-sleeved, loosely-knit piqué cotton shirt with an unstarched collar and a buttoned placket, which he first wore at the 1926... Continue Reading →

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