A moment to think

It's time to take stock and reconsider. King & Man has been acting a digital valet for the modern gentleman, for some years now and in that time the popularity (and perhaps relevance) of traditional blogs has changed. This seems a good time to pause, consider how King & Man can continue to serve modern men... Continue Reading →


The Modern Man Trio by @ernestsupplies

Award winning, New York based Ernest Supplies was founded to take advantage of recent advances in natural skincare science and create products that fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle. All of their products "multi-task" to save time and effort. The Modern Man Trio was designed to give you "everything you need to keep your face... Continue Reading →

100 Life Rules

When a school year book includes a section written by an economics teacher, you wouldn't necessarily expect to find such sage advice on being a modern gentleman. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them. Never cancel dinner plans by text message. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. If... Continue Reading →

The Ned, London

Across the road from the Bank of England building, in London's "square mile" stands the magnificent building of 27 Poultry. Previously known as the Midlands Bank building it has stood proudly since 1930, however it was left empty for some time before the team behind Soho House turned it in to an exclusive 5 star hotel and... Continue Reading →

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