In 1907 the private members’ club King & Man was established by Samuel George Chatsworth and Alexander Hollingbrow. Unlike most private clubs, in London, at the time King & Man offered tailoring services, a fully stocked bar and an extensive reference library. It’s believed that the intention of the club was to offer gentlemen a central point of reference in their lives, as well as a place to socialise and connect with men of similar standings. Their are no records of the club or its founder beyond 1930, although many suspect it was forced to close down (or at least relocate) due to the WW1 draft.

Today King & Man exists as a digital legacy to the intent of its founders. Serving modern men in their quest to become gentlemen of distinction.

In years gone by rules and conditions were laid out to define conduct and behaviour. The label of a “gentleman” was worn with pride amongst a section of society. But what does it mean to be a gentleman in the digital age? Can there be such a distinction made anymore? The paths of socialising, seduction and success have moved. Where can a man learn to refine his tastes and perceptions?

King & Man is your digital valet. Your online mentor. Here to aggregate the finest information from around the web.

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