A spot at the bar by Michael Madrusan & Zara Young

Join the internationally acclaimed team from The Everleigh for an evening of good drinking, festive hosting and classic style. From an aperitif at sundown to a nightcap in the early hours, we invite you on a journey in celebration of the golden era of drinking and entertaining. With more than three hundred recipes for classic cocktails, including our favourite variations, A Spot at the Bar is an extension of the Everleigh experience and a chance to get up close and personal with everything we know and love. However it is much more than just a cocktail book. It reflects this golden era cocktail bar’s sophisticated vibe and style of drinking, as well as offering a how-to guide to other elements of the social experience. “His Style” and “Her Style” chapters include functional fashion hints and tips on shoe styles and accessories. The how-to guides strike a playful, yet informed tone, in a bid to help you put your best foot forward, whatever the occasion. Now you just need to find a spot at the bar…

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