Everlasting style items 5: The desert boot

For our final edition in King & Man’s series of Everlasting Style Items we turn to a timeline piece of mens’ footwear. The iconic silhouette of the desert boot gives it a versatility beyond most other mens’ footwear. It’s a multifunctional, lightweight and streamlined shoe that can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Don’t you mean chukka boots? No. There are small, but key differences between desert and chukka boots. Firstly desert boots have a suede upper. Secondly desert boots have ‘crepe’ soles. That said Clarks now carries leather options on their desert boots, but that inconsistency can be forgiven when you defined the category.

In the early 1940s Nathan Clark (he from Clarks shoes) served in the British Army, on a mission through North Africa. Whilst serving he found suede boots in the bazaars of Cairo, which offered more comfort and resistance than standard issue boots.


The classic Clarks Originals desert boot is still the standard. Not only are they expertly made and stylish, but they come in a broad range plethora of finishes.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the originals, then there is fear not as most high street retailers have desert boots that feel almost as good. When considering colours; the neutral shades make it easy to team with most outfits, and can even be worn as formal wear keeping your feet toasty during those chillier months.

The suede desert boot is a great addition to a gentleman’s wardrobe. However, they are a bit more high maintenance than your leather shoes. They will scuff easily and show water stains, so you’re be sure to avoid them on rainy days.


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