Everlasting style items 4: The harrington jacket

Harrington jackets are lightweight waist-length jackets usually made from cotton or wool in a single colour. The waist and cuffs are elasticised making it ideal outdoor wear for spring and autumn. The collar is straight, often fastened with two buttons. The inner lining is usually finished with distinct red tartan.

The first Harrington style jackets were called G9 and made by British clothing label Barracuda. In the 1930s they were popular amongst golfers, probably due to being lightweight and shower proof. During the 1950s, the jacket moved into mainstream fashion after making regular appearances in Hollywood. James Dean wore a red Harrington jacket in the film Rebel Without a Cause and later Elvis Presley wore a Harrington for his role in King Creole. During the 1960s actor Ryan O’Neal donned one for his role as Rodney Harrington in the soap opera Peyton Place. Soon after that the nickname “the Harrington jacket” stuck.


A Harrington jacket is meant to be spacious, so you when selecting yours go for one that fits you without either being too restrictive or overly baggy. The Harrington is designed to be short, but you want the bottom to cover your trouser belt. The sleeve cuffs should meet your wrists. When selecting a colour, you will find Harringtons in a rainbow of choices, but navy and khaki are the most classic.

You can pair a Harrington with most things including breton tops and jeans or chinos and a polo shirt.
Which is why it’s on the King & Man everlasting style items list.

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