Everlasting style items 1: The peacoat

When the weather turns cold a gentleman needs to wrap up warm, without losing his sense of style. Enter the Peacoat.

The origins of the peacoat are unclear. There are several versions of how it came to life and how it was named. The only undisputed fact is that it was originally worn by sailors.

Photos from the 19th century show they were close fitting with a flair on the hips, presumably so that reefers could climb ropes. Traditionally they are a little longer than a regular jacket, but shorter than an overcoat. The large “Ulster” collar can be worn opened, turned up or buttoned up to protect you from the rain and wind.

Selecting the right peacoat for you needn’t be a tricky matter. Because of its classic status most retailers offer men’s peacoats in a range of sizes. Although peacoat with gold buttons are not recommended. Stylist Ashley Weston has a great article on how you should select the best fit for your peacoat.

Functional, smart and masculine, this item that looks just as good with a suit as it does with jeans – the definition of versatility. From Robert Redford to Ryan Gosling, this perennial style item forms an essential part of a modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

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