Five things a modern gentleman should have in his bathroom cabinet


Fashion writers will often tell you there are essential items every man should have their wardrobe. Style writers will talk about vital cosmetics a man must use. If you choose to follow these fashion lists or not you will still need the perennial tools for a modern man to keep himself looking respectable.

1. Small scissors
For those badly behaved hairs. The ones that sneak up on you and manage to dodge the razor each morning.

2. Dental floss
A bright smile goes a long way. If you don’t like floss, then grab yourself some floss picks.

3. A decent razor
Even those gentlemen who choose the bearded look will need a good razor to keep the edges in check. Disposables give a substandard shave and are bad for the environment.

4. Fine tooth comb
Well kept hair is a sign of a true gentleman. Brushes are good for getting overall tidiness, but a comb will be needed to put your barnet in order.

5. Nail clippers
Never under estimate how much long, dirty nails can put off a partner. Keep your nails short and smooth with clippers.

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