The only 5 pairs of shoes a gentleman needs

A gentleman’s shoe collection can be as wide and as stylish as necessary.
However there are five key shoe types a gentleman will need.


Black dress shoes.
Usually leather, usually high shine and without any broguing (patterns made with perforations in the leather). These will go with dark suits and evening wear.

White/light deck shoes.
Perfect casual days. Note these are not sports makes or high colour. Goes equally well with shorts, jeans or chinos.

Running shoes.
Practically rules here. Go for the trainers that offer the best support for your chosen sport. Only ever to be worn for sports, never with jeans or heaven forbid a suit, no matter how far you walk to work.

Desert boots.
Your halfway house. Smart casual personified. These can go with dark jeans or chinos. Never with shorts. Typically suede. Ideally lighter, natural colours.

Heavy duty boots.
The sturdy workhorse in your shoe selection. Must be winter ready and durable. Goes well with jeans, mud and rain.

Brown leather shoes.
The everyday office wear. When evening wear is too much, this is your ‘go to’ shoe. Brogues or Oxfords. They go with practically everything. Just keep them well polished.

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