The rise of the modern British film icon



When we talk about film’s style icons it’s obvious to look back over Hollywood actors from the 50s & 60s. It’s true that the timeless styles of Paul Newman and Cary Grant have been burned in to our collective consciousness. However we’ve recently seen the emergence of a new era. British actors are now taking their place amongst Hollywood icons and doing it with a gentlemanly style that hasn’t been visible for some time. The garish “lad” culture actors of the 80s and 90s have now been replaced by a more refined breed.

Before we get swept in to Oscar season the film world’s focus turns to Hollywood. King & Man takes a look at the British cinema actors who are destined to become style icons.

Eddie Redmayne
Having walked away with last year’s leading male oscar Eddie Redmayne has continued to solidify his position as a modern British style icon. His approach to fashion is very formal and always makes strong references to classic tailoring. Understated, highly refined.

Tom Hardy
Mr Hardy is a difficult character to pin down. Unlike his peers he easily moves between formal and comfort wear. It’s as likely to find him in a tailored suit as a t-shirt and jeans. Even when he is sporting a feral beard for a film role, Tom Hardy cuts a style silhouette.

Nicholas Hoult
Rising up form child actor to Hollywood lead. Nicholas Hoult has seemingly never put a foot wrong. His grace and style is faultless.

Benedict Cumberbatch
A true example of a modern gentleman. Gracious, stylish and reserved. Cumberbatch is leading the British acting pack in it’s return to iconic status.

Bill Nighy
Moving between stage, TV, voice over and film, Bill Nighy represents the older gentleman with a distinctly London style. Always gracious and always well turned out.

Henry Cavill
What could be more iconic for a actor than to don the superman cape? When he’s not leaping tall buildings Henry Cavill carries himself like a modern ambassador of British cool. His charm and style is as unstoppable as his onscreen powers.

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