5 Timeless menswear looks by @fashionbeans

When discussing the matter of being a modern gentleman, the phrase “timeless” is often used.
Of course nothing is actually timeless, but the idea we are trying to capture is that some items age far more gracefully than others. Fashion, by its own definition, is timely and is not intended to timeless. However there are few outfits that last through a number of years and trends. These five looks are examples of such looks that a gentleman can rely on.

Undoubtedly the cut and colours of these outfits will change, but the basic elements remain. To prove this point, each outift is demonstrated by a film actor. Not just any old actors, but five of the biggest style iconic in modern cinema. It’s hard to argue with how good these gentlemen make them look.

The Sweatshirt & Chino Trousers. As Worn By Paul Newman

The Oxford Shirt & Tailored Trousers. As Worn By Alain Delon

The Breton Top & Tailored Blazer. As Worn By James Dean

The Roll Neck & Double-Breasted Blazer. As Worn By Michael Caine

The White T-Shirt & White Jeans. As Worn By Steve McQueen

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