Gregory Peck. Your new style icon.

When we look back at Hollywood style icons the usual names crop up. Dean, McQueen, Newman, Brando, Grant etc. However one actor who is mostly overlooked for his sartorial panache is Mr Gregory Peck. Perhaps Peck hasn’t reached the same iconic level because his style was more mature than James Dean’s or more mainstream than Steve McQueen’s. But Peck’s subtlety is part of his lasting charm. A modern gentleman can learn a great deal from his classic style.


Arguably Peck’s most famous role. In To Kill A Mockingbird he dons round lens, thick frame spectacles that perfectly suits his face shape and hair style.

Formal attire

Wearing a suit and looking naturally comfortable in a suit are two very different things. Peck’s style was on the formal side, without it ever seeming out of place or over dressed. One could call it ‘effortless’.

Off duty star

When he was not on the red carpet or in front of a camera Peck knew how to adapt his style to be more easy going. Seen here messing about on a boat in a light Oxford shirt, chinos and white deck shoes.

Wearing a classic Harrington jacket on the set of Cape Fear

Even hipsters owe a debt to Peck

Even if your style is less tailored and more rugged you can see how Peck transitioned to the 70s with his trademark understated style. Just enough fashion to stay in style.

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