Baxter of California Shower Kit


King & Man is a great supporter of the Baxter of California brand. It has a timeless sense of style and whilst the product range is small the quality level is high.

The shower kit seemed to be a great introduction to their products, so King & Man has been test driving it.

First of all the packaging and unboxing of the products is a typically modest. No lavish bows or luxurious silky wrapping. The bottles are bright, sunny shades of blue in sturdy plastics.

Daily Protein Shampoo
It smells light and has a fresh minty tingle from the Menthol extracts. Even for thicker hair a small amount all you needed. Highly recommended.

Daily Moisturising Conditioner
As with the shampoo it doesn’t feel like heavy gunk and certainly leaves hair feeling softer, with a subtle shine. Again highly recommended. Take care to use a little less than other conditioners, as this one is particularly minty.

Daily Face Wash
There is very little scent in this product. It’s not as powerful as the other products in the kit product, so it’s well suited to sensitive skin, however it’s not light enough to be a twice daily product and should be followed by a balancing moisturiser.

Invigorating Body Wash
This is a beautifully scented product and sits very well with the rest of the shower kit. However it does take a awful lot to create a lather and the pump action bottle doesn’t allow for a generous glug, whilst you’re standing under the running water. This is a minor gripe in a otherwise outstanding selection.

Buy the shower kit online

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