Choosing the right styling products for your hair type

Buying a hair styling product, without considering your hair type is much like buying a suit, without knowing your body shape. So before you spend your hard earned money a tub of goo, take a look at our guide to choosing the right hair products for you.


This legendary hair product has been around for decades. The current wave of interest in pomade means there are some very good products available right now. Assuming you use it sparingly pomades will leave your hair looking naturally shiny. Ideal for swept back styles, pomade suits short to medium length hair. Although if you have naturally oily hair, avoid pomade as it will make your hair greasier.

Use Tip: Rub a little bit on your palm and style on damp or close-to-dry hair.
Recommended Products: Black & White, Uppercut, American Crew.


Hair wax is considered a “matte” hair product. If you’re looking for strong hold, then wax is recommended. Good for thicker hair and medium hair lengths. Unlike pomades waxes don’t contain oils which means they don’t provide a “wet” look. So if you have naturally dry hair then wax is not for you.

Use Tip: Wax is easier on wet hair. Vigorously warm up a small amount in the palm of your hand, before applying.
Recommended Products: Fish, Blind Barber


Clay (or Putty, Paste)
If you’ve mastered the casual, somewhat dishevelled look then matte products are for you. Available in various guises (clay, putty, paste or fibre), all will provide texture and definition with super strong hold. Perfect candidate for those thinner or wavy hair types, with messy styles.

Use Tip: Rub a 20p sized amount on your palm and apply to close-to-dry hair.
Recommended Products: Fellow Barber, Parlor By Jeff Chastain


Styling Creams
Styling creams are usually much softer than waxes, which means they are easier to apply evenly. Ideal for thicker, dry hair. Styling creams give you light hold, but are great for calming bushier barnets. Often favoured by grey haired gentlemen has they deal with coarse hairs wonderfully.

Use Tip: Take a 50p size scoop and work it through the tips of your fingers, before applying it in directional swoops.
Recommended Products: Malin + Goetz

Are you 12 years old or in Jersey Shore? If not then hair gel is not for you. It goes on gooey and drys hard, with a super wet look. Maximum hold. Minimum class.

Use Tip: Don’t.

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