Perfecting the Aperol Spritz

Yes a spritz and no it’s not the most manly drink.

You’d also be correct in thinking that this is not something you would expect a gentleman to order in a bar.

However the Aperol spritz does have it’s place and it’s something worth mastering. Ideal for entertaining. A drink for a warm afternoon or before a home cooked meal. If you can put one of these together for your lady friend, then you’ll be off to a good start.

This is already a simple mixture, so don’t be tempted by any pre-mixed rubbish from supermarkets. Simplicity is the key here so there is no need to start adding gin or olives as some people recommend.

    Simply take large wine glass.
    Half fill it with large ice cubes.
    Pour in 3 parts Presecco.
    Two parts Aperol.
    One part (just a dash really) of soda water.
    Stir once.
    Finish with a slice of Orange.


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