The Light Phone


Ever feel like your phone won’t leave you alone? A modern gentleman has more distractions than any previous generation. The ‘always on’ culture we live in today means that our smartphones have joined the watch, keys and wallet as items to never leave home without. However there is an answer for a gentleman who wishes to escape (albeit temporarily) from the rings, pings and dings of his phone.

The Light Phone is a slim, credit card sized phone designed to work alongside your existing phone. It’s designed to be used as little as possible. To be unobtrusive technology. Ideal for those camping weekends, road trips or beach days. Simply switch on the call forwarding function on your smart phone, then leave it at home and enjoy the quiet life, without missing any urgent calls. It’s small enough to fit in your wallet and contains up to 20 days of battery life – yes 20 days.

Pre-order your Light Phone here

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