Saphir Prestige shoe care kit

Investing in a fine pair of shoes is no good, if you don’t take good care of them. The height of good shoe care is Saphir MDO (Medaille d’or 1925), from France. It’s one of the finest lines of shoe care products in the world and worth the high end price. The Prestige Kit includes the following items

    1 Cotton Shoe Bag
    1 Polishing Cloth
    1 Pommadier Cream Polish 75ml – Medium Brown (No.37)
    1 Pommadier Cream Polish 75ml – Black (No. 1)
    1 Pate de Luxe Wax Polish 50ml – Neutral
    1 Renovator Cream 75ml
    2 Polishing Brushes – 1 Black & 1 Natural Bristles
    2 Applicator Brush – 1 Black & 1 Natural Bristles
    1 Pommadier Brush

If you’re in any doubt on how well these products work or how you would use them, then take a look at this short instructional video from The Shoe Care Shop

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