A gentleman’s guide to buying swim shorts

Summer is on its way and there are many matters for modern gentlemen to consider. Between selecting a holiday destination and making travel arrangements the small matter of buying swimwear often gets forgotten. But every gentleman knows that the finishing details are what matter. Once again King & Man is here to save you from any poolside fashion faux pas.

You’ll be relieved to know that since the 1950s not much has changed with men’s swimwear. Materials are much as they were back in the 70s and 80s. Which means there are only two aspects a gentleman must be concerned with; colour and fit.

Picking the right design(s)
In this area a man can get away with a lot. Even those cheesy floral prints of the 1980s can pass, if worn with confidence. As with any other clothing simple black or navy blue is a safe bet. If you’re trying to enhance your tan you can try selecting dark coloured shorts with a white waist band, to give contrast to your (hopefully) bronzed skin. Equally bright colours/patterns can make you look more tanned. The only rule here is that fully white shorts and anything similar to your skin tone should be avoided at all costs.

Picking the right fit
This is where things get complicated. The fashionably acceptable length of swim shorts has gone up and down so many times that it’s hard to know what to opt for. At one end of the scale we have the knee length (boarding) shorts. These are perfect for active holidays. Surfing, climbing, water skiing etc. At the other end of the scale have the short-shorts. Often referred to as “the Hasselhoffs”. These should sit in the top third of your thigh. Short shorts are appropriate for lazying around on the beach or poolside. Perfect for sipping iced cocktails in the sun. These are not to be confused with the tiny shorts, as sported by Mr Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, those are the reserve of international super spies and bodybuilders.

No briefs. Not ever.
You heard. Only professional swimmers and David Gandy are allowed to wear brief style swim wear. You’re proud of your physique and that’s great. But briefs are not something a gentleman should own.

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