How to pour the perfect beer

Photo by Patrik Kristian
Photo by Patrik Kristian

This matter has long been debated by many gentlemen around the world. It’s true that some craft beers need something a little different, but these tips should prevent your pint from looking like an ice cream whip and tasting like cloudy fog.

  1. Chilling.
    A bottle of beer will need at least 12 hours in an average home refrigerator to reach to optimum 26 degrees. If you’re not that well prepared; fully submerging a bottle of beer in an ice bucket for 20 minutes should be efficient.
  2. Rinse your glass.
    If your glass has been sitting in your cupboard for any more than a few hours it will be natural oils, dust and lingering odours. This can affect the taste of your beer and the pour. So rinse with cold water before pouring. No need to dry it out as the water helps the beer cascade smoothly down the glass.
  3. Hold your glass at a 45 degree angle.
    Now pour your beer steadily down the side of the glass, until it reaches the point of being half full.
  4. Turn the glass upright and pour straight down the middle.
    Without breaking your pour turn your glass upright and move the pour away from the side of the glass and in to the centre. This agitates the liquid to kick up the ever-important head. If you’ve got it right you should be getting no more than 1 inch of head on your drink.
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