The Craft of Gentlemen, London 18th Feb


On Wednesday 18th February, London’s Union Street Bar is hosting a Craft of Gentlemen event. It’s billed as an ‘evening of all things for Gents‘. Patrons can get their shoes shined, visit the cut throat barbers, get tips from Sharp and Dapper‘s Johan or enjoy tunes from the barber shop quartet.

Before the entertainment begins, you can start the evening with a masterclass and tasting session with Cam Dawson, Jack Daniel’s UK brand ambassador. Cam will talk you through the cocktail menu and how to craft your own drinks at home.

At the bar you can sample some modern twists on the classic beer-whiskey pairing ‘The Boiler Maker’. Try out the Lynchburg Shandy, The Fox Catcher and the Boulivardi-Beer.

The event is part of London Beer Week. You’d be right to ask why whiskey is being offered during London Beer Week, apparently it’s because “Whiskey is distilled beer”! Who are we to argue with a reason to drink bourbon.

Tickets for the Jack Daniels materclass are £15 and can be purchased by emailing

Wristband passes to London Beer Week can be reserved online here.

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