15 things a gentleman does (differently)


  1. A gentleman does the right thing when no one is looking.
  2. A gentleman is as comfortable wearing a shiny new tux, with a cocktail in his hand, as he is wearing jeans, with a hammer in his hand.
  3. A gentleman knows his lady’s favorite drink.
  4. A gentleman treats waiters and bartenders with respect.
  5. A gentleman has both a signature scent and a signature drink.
  6. A gentleman opens the door for a lady…or a man, if he gets there first.
  7. A gentleman makes shaving a ritual.
  8. A gentleman has a hobby he’s passionate about.
  9. A gentleman excuses himself to have a phone conversation.
  10. A gentleman never leaves a party without thanking the host.
  11. A gentleman knows how to count to 10, say “please” and “thank you,” and “beer” in any country he visits.
  12. A gentleman buys a round for his friends at the bar.
  13. A gentleman knows the difference between rare and medium rare.
  14. A gentleman knows how to read a map.
  15. A gentleman knows how to order a bottle of wine.

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