The 5 most stylish Bond villians

From Russia with Love (1963)

1. Red Grant (From Russia With Love)

Cold, sharp and deadly. The legendary Robert Shaw brought to life the Yin to Connery’s Yang. The SPECTRE assassin was not only the counterpart for one of 007’s greatest fight scenes, but also his slim ties and sharp cut suits made him the perfect incarnation of Bond’s opposite number.


2. Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)

Like the film itself Mads Mikkelsen’s villain forgoes all the eccentric posturing of previous Bond outings for a simpler, darker look. Black suits, black shirts and a scared face makes for a perfectly sinister expression of this shark like character.


3. Dr. Julius No (Dr No)

The first Bond villain to make it to film and the template for many other Bond villains to come. Dr (Julius) No, portrayed by Joesph Wiseman, introduced the clinically clean, Chinese style suit often seen by other members of SPECTRE over the years.


4. Emilio Largo (Thunderball)

With his suits, leisure wear and eye patch, Largo once again raised the style bar for Bond bad guys. Arguably the last stylish Bond villain before a particularly fallow time in the franchise.


5. Kamal Khan (Octopussy)

Looking back at James Bond’s 70s-80s period it’s not easy to select many characters (bad or otherwise) that can be described as ‘stylish’. However Kamal Khan cut a dashing figure going up against Roger Moore in the much parodied Octopussy.

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