Trunkster. The smart suitcase.

Suitcases just got smart. Trunkster – despite its terrible name – is not only designed beautifully, but it’s been created to suit the modern world. Trunkster has a waterproof and “extremely durable” sliding cover that glides up and down the front of the suitcase, so there’s no need for zips. The body of the suitcase is made from a “durable, lightweight, and scratch resistant” virgin polycarbonate material.

But that’s not the cleverest part. The modern twist comes with the built-in digital scale to weigh your luggage as you pack. The weight measurement is activated by simply lifting the suitcase off the ground.

It can also be upgraded to be GPS-enabled, so you can track your suitcase from any device connected to it.

No more missing or battered luggage. Trunkster is both smart and sleek.

Designed in New York and available now from Kickstarter

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