The Bartender’s 10 Commandments

By Santiago ‘Pichín’ Policastro ‘ The Gallant Bartender’

  1. The bartender is an artist and mixology is an art that is nurtured by spirit, flavour, aroma, colour, genius, and imagination.
  2. The mission of the bartender is to offer happiness, not drunkenness.
  3. Make friends out of your guests, not guests out of your friends.
  4. Never serve a drink without a smile.
  5. Speak what needs to be said, never listen to that which you shouldn’t hear, and always forget the confidences of the guest.
  6. Be the most elegant, cleanest and most cordial at all times, in all places.
  7. Do not play tricks with the drinks or play with the trust of the client; always serve the best. Don’t serve anything you wouldn’t drink yourself.
  8. Never stop experimenting, but never do it at the cost of the guest.
  9. Throw away the ‘mathematical formulas’ of mixology; imagination is the most essential ingredient.
  10. Be proud to be a bartender, but deserve it.
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