Four Steps To The Perfect Wet Shave

Regular shaving is the cross all men must bear. Unless you’re ready to cultivate the Hairy Woodsman style you’ll need to get confident with a blade. Clearly not every shave is going to be barber shop quality, but when it counts there are only four things you must remember.

1. Start Hot
Traditional barbers use a hot towel, but showering or just washing your face with warm water softens stubble and opens your skin’s pores. When your hair is wet it cuts more easily.

2. Prep Your Skin
Make sure your skin is clean before you start shaving. If you’ve left your beard unshaved for a few days, then consider using a light scrub gel to clear away any dead skin or blocked pores. The smoother your face is to begin, the closer your shave will be.

3. Cream & wait
If you’re applying gel, foam or cream the trick is to let it rest on your skin for 30 seconds. Doing this allows the hairs to be lifted away from your skin.

4. Keep it tight & clean
Start by shaving your cheeks and jaw line. Shave difficult areas last, allowing the foam to soften hairs for longer. At all times keep your skin pulled firmly and use short strokes. Keep the blade of your razor clean and hot by regularly rinsing under warm, running water.

5. Finish Up
Once all your whiskers have been dealt with wash your face with a splash of cold water to close the pores. Always finish off by applying an alcohol-free moisturiser.

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