Twitter for Modern Gentleman


Modern technology is as fast moving and as it is powerful. Modern men must harness the power of technologies such as Twitter. Ignoring them at your peril. Ensure you’re gentlemanly behaviour translates in to 140 characters by following these pointers.

Be Sociable

OK this may sound arbitrary, but this is the number one rule. People quickly lose sight of the ‘social’ aspect of social media. Never address followers as if they are an audience. It makes you sound like a pompous politician. Simply keep in mind that your shouldn’t say anything on Twitter that you wouldn’t say at a dinner party.

#Hashtag Sparingly

Using #hashtags connects you to a worldwide conversation. Many people follow conversations using hashtags, but possibly won’t be following you. If your jumping into a hashtag, you should make sure that you’re contributing value to the conversation. Don’t be tempted to #tag #every #topic #you #tweet #about.

Don’t over share

There is little worse than a having your feed taken over by one tweeter. Especially if they are mundane tweets like “It’s raining again” or “I just ate a burger, yummy!” Steer clear of tweeting about the minutiae of your day-to-day life. Four posts a day is a good maximum. So keep the details of your bodily functions to yourself.

Be even handed

Yes followers are interested in your opinions, so please share them, but be respectful. Don’t fish for a reaction. When sharing strong opinions you should consider the consequences of potentially upsetting friends or inciting backlash. If you’re going complain about companies or products consider balancing it out with some complimentary views.

You are the curator of your feed

Don’t just follow your friends, try expanding your follows out to people of note from fields that interest you. Twitter provides a unique window in to other’s worlds. It’s a unparalleled opportunity for learning. Twitter isn’t boring. But the people you follow might be.

Credit your sources

Remember to attribute your content. Let the followers know where your links come from and pass on the love.

No spoilers

Don’t be the guy who ruins the Mad Men finale for everyone?

Self promote quietly

Yes Twitter is a networking tool — a certain amount of self-promotion is accepted. However, you’ll drive followers away in their droves if you share nothing but links to your own work. For every self promotion that you share, balance it out with two or three posts that share someone else’s content.

Stick to 140 characters

The fundamental purpose of Twitter is microblogging. If you can’t share something in the space provided, then it’s probably not meant for Twitter. Running sentences, rants, jokes or anything else over multiple posts is seen as bad etiquette.

Don’t be Twit

Nobody enjoys having their spelling or grammar mistakes pointed out to them.

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