Cultivating your ‘man cave’ Part 2

Whether your ‘quarters’ are a house, an apartment, a room, a study or even your corner of a shared home, a gentleman needs his own space. Your space speaks volumes about who you are as a man. In Part 1 we looked at how to plan your space. Now we’ll take a look at furnishing your modern abode.

In Part 1 we looked at paying attention to the style of architecture to determine your interior style. This is first and foremost executed through furnishings. For example a wingback Chesterfield armchair may look ridiculous in a 1960s Modernist building.

Start big
Begin by focussing on key pieces (sofa, armchair, TV stand). Only opt for dark or colourful furniture if you have neutral coloured walls, otherwise it’s going to make your space feel oppressive. On the other hand if kids will come within 100m of this area, don’t buy anything that will easily show show spills, scuffs or tears. and Loaf are good place to start looking for ideas.

Think about the whole
Never consider furniture in isolation. Think about the colour balance between walls, curtains and furniture. Unless your living in cloud city or going for a zen like minimalist home, you should be aiming to strike a balance between feature colours and bright open space. Your guests should be focussed on your charming, witty discourse not your purple and orange ‘sex nest’.

Shop in shops. Buy online
Before you commit to any significant items of furniture take the time to look around a few shops. Get a feel for sizes, textures, build quality and colours. When making furniture decisions there is no substitute for getting tactile. A wise gentleman will then get online. Google Shopping will help you find the best deals and more keenly it will help you buy from the supplier with the best delivery options (who enjoys being stuck indoors waiting in for deliveries?!).

Get plants
Show your manly appreciation for nature and bring a little outdoors inside by getting a few (easy to maintain) plants to dot around the place. Plants should be treated as accents and not be imposing on the room colours. Go for a few small plants, instead of one dominating wall climber.

Shins before coffee
Coffee tables should be discreet and not impair movement around the room. If you find yourself forever stepping over the corners or hitting your shins on the sides you should consider a side table as an alternative.

A cultured gentleman knows the difference between Banksy and Bahaus, so invest in some art to hang. Anything that shows films made after 1969 does not count as art – so ditch that Matrix poster. Bob Marley belongs in your speakers, not adorning your walls. If you’re not certain what to go for then start with the Neutral section of Art Republic or the Vintage section at the Tate Modern.

A final word on momentos and ornaments
“This rock is from Kilimanjaro”, “That’s me at my graduation”, “Remember how sweet Harry looked on his first bike”. Yes memories are wonderful and if you’re a well travelled man with many life experiences under your (leather) belt, then you’ll have collected a few momentos along the way. This is not a bad thing, however keep them discreet. Having a shrine to oneself or draping ‘exotic’ market tat from your walls is boastful and unrefined.

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