Turn ups. The facts.

The question of how (or in fact if) a mans should wear turn-ups on his trousers has perplexed many a man over the years. Back in the late 50s the turned up jeans worked for Elvis and fellow rock n’ rollers. Their popularity rose again in the 80s as a revival of the Rockabilly style. Today they are a common site on the streets of London. It’s fair to say that the turn up is a matter that has drifted in and out of style and will continue to do so.

Lets take this opportunity to look at the precise moment to partake in this fashion cycle and how to do so.


The ocean turn up
On or near a beach. On a yacht. Strolling around the harbour – all acceptable moments to go for the ‘half calf’ turn up. There is something undeniably summery about this look. This look is versatile and can be worn with deck shoes, flip-flops or barefoot, but never with socks! However the line is drawn at sunset and approximately 300m from the shoreline.


The city turn up
This is a much more subtle turn up and difficult to get right, without looking like a Shoreditch hipster. The city turn up is only to be worn with shoes (again socks are forbidden). With this look you’re aiming for a 1 inch roll, showing no more than 3 inches of ankle. The city turn up is reserved for the months inclusive of June-September and never indoor restaurants.


The boot turn up
The boot turn up is good all year round and a more practical measure. Unlike other turn ups this should not leave any of your ankle exposed. Instead this should remove any furling at bottom of your trousers and leave you with a cleaner leg shape.


The statement turn up
Not a decision for the faint of heart. This is only to be taken on when you want to the world to know you’ve purposefully created a cuff on your trousers. If you’re going to brave this look make sure the cuff pattern/colour is matched elsewhere (e.g.; your shirt, your bag, your scarf etc).

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