Cultivating your ‘man cave’ Part 1

“A man’s home is his castle”

Whether your ‘quarters’ are a house, an apartment, a room, a study or even your corner of a shared home, a gentleman needs his own space. Your space speaks volumes about who you are as a man. More than a superficial statement or a ‘lair’ for entertaining. The surroundings you choose has a profound impact on your health and state of mind. Therefore taking the time to cultivate your surroundings has untold benefits.

Having a stylish home doesn’t necessarily require you to spend huge amounts of money, nor does it mean you have to commit yourself to hours of hard labour under the guide of DIY. But you will need a few pointers to help you along your quest.

Step 1: Planning with purpose
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”
First establish what is the function of your home/room. Will it be for entertaining, relaxing, working, exercising or all of the above. Once you’ve got a clear of the practical purpose, you can then determine how it should look.

Step 2: Outside first
Unless you’re setting in the unlikely scenario of building your own home from the ground up, then the architecture will already be determined. The style of the building will play an important factor in deciding how to craft your space. For example a new build semi-detached house is not going to comfortably fit Victorian style furnishings or industrial bare-brick chic.


Step 3: Pinterest is your friend
Now you’ve got an idea of how the space will function and you’ve narrowed down the range of styles open to you. You can begin pulling some ideas together. This is what Pinterest was built for. Getting searching and create your own board to gather your thoughts.

Step 4: Priorities
Unless you’re ready to plough yourself in to a home improvement frenzy then you should not expect to fulfil all your plans in one swoop. We’ve all seen (or maybe had) properties filled with unfinished projects. Be smart and make a list, in order of importance.

Next up in Part 2 we will look at buying furniture

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