Shop like a modern man

Let’s get one matter clear; shopping is the domain of women. You will never be as good, let alone better, at shopping than a woman. Not only do they make it look easy, but they are better at shopping with friends, shopping for you and they can even shop better for your friends than you could ever hope to, so set your expectations low.

On the bright side shopping in the modern world is notably easier than years gone by. Thankfully the web, mobile technology and urban growth have all moved the proverbial goal posts. However it’s still a tricky terrain to negotiate, but there are a few simple do’s and don’ts you can follow.



  • All your research online
    The whole experience will be easier if you know exactly what you need/want. Trends can be considered and dismissed before you’re in the purchase mode. Pinterest is your best friend.
  • Go with a list
    Once your research is done draw up a list. Clear is an excellent list app you can take with you. Otherwise you may find yourself making regrettable purchases and not buying something that will compliment your wardrobe.
  • Know your sizes
    Measure up. Most retail websites have size guides so grab a tape measure and get an idea of your chest size, collar size and inside leg.
  • Go for lots of small/quick purchases
    You’re not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! You should be buying strategically over the entire year, rather than attempting a ‘wardrobe makeover’ every 5 years.




  • Go with friends
    For a man this is not a social pleasure. Nothing will tear apart a male friendship faster than holding up a shirt and saying “mmmm this would look good on you”.
  • Expect a shop assistant to help you
    Unless you’re friend works in that shop you are firmly on your own.
  • Tell friends ‘you’re treating yourself’
    If you bump in to friends you are ‘picking up some essentials’ or ‘just killing time‘. There is nothing manly about indulging in retail therapy.
  • Go with a woman you’d like to sleep with again
    Again this is not your domain. Exposing your woefully inadequate shopping skills will ultimately leave you looking like a luddite.
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